Portable Stage Systems

Portable Stage (Portable Podium) Produced in 2mtx 1mt sizes with honey plaster patterned foil film covered playwood, transparent and plastic special molds. Ability to create stage in the dimension. Portable tribune structure is among the most prominent features.

Technicial Specifications

• ALLOY : EN-AW 6082 – T6
• HEIGHT: 25 cm / 50 cm / 75 cm / 100 cm / 125 cm / 150 cm
• WIDTH: 100cm x 200 cm
• WEIGHT: 35 kg
• WOOD PROPERTIES: 18 mm Huş Ağacı Üzeri Folyo Film Kaplı Plywood

Portable stage and portable dance floor; concerts, rallies, and outdoor performances, and is a set of scenes that allows the user to come up on stage and perform stage performance or talk. The technical equipment such as disassembled and fitted easily, sound and light systems are also applied as moving and fixed depending on demand. Our applications are carried out by professional and expert gala truss teams on national and international scale with full satisfaction principle. If you would like to benefit from our advantageous price and portable stage solutions applied by our expert teams in the field, please contact us.

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