Mini Tower Truss System

Mini Tower Truss System

Mini Tower 30 mmMini Tower 30 mm
Tower systems are designed and built to be built with standard multi-directional tower cages, but with staircase support on one side for safe climbing, standard mainframe log type along with thicker pipe walls to increase vertical load capacity, and a special cage four different tower systems of the type. All towers are also designed and calculated to be used in one of the multiple roof systems carried by TRUSS.

Gl 30D Mini Tower H: 5,5m 2 Foot, 12m Search Truss

Gl 30D Mini Tower H: 5,5m Foot

Technicial Specifications

ALLOY: EN-AW 6082 - T6
MAIN TUBE: 50x2mm / 50x3mm
ARA TUBE: 18x2.5mm / 25x3mm
HEIGHT: 30 cm / 40 cm / 52 cm
WIDTH: 50 mm / 1.97 inches
WEIGHT: ~ 4.3 kg / m / ~ 2.9 lbs / ft
PIN LOCATION: Horizontal

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